Integrative Cogntive Behavioural Therapy and  Counselling Services

Accredited  CBT  Therapist 

Always use an accredited therapist. I am accredited with the BABCP to offer cognitive behavioural therapy and the BACP to provide integrative counselling allowing me to work with most life stresses and mental health issues you are facing

If you are struggling feel lost, low or frightenned and dont know where to turn it is likely I will be able to help 

What is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

I have over 30 years experience working with people expeiencing physical health challenges and mental health issues. Initially I worked within the NHS but have been working as a counsellor and therapist for over 15 years in private practice. I have recently moved to Cardiff and am now offering my experience and skills to people in the LLandaff region or more generally within Cardiff.

When seeking a therapist always make sure that you use an accredtited practitioner. This way you can be sure to get the most up to date and evidence based help possible.  I am accredited with the British Association of Cognitive Behavioural Therapists  (BACP) and the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). If you have a physical health issue it is important that the practitioenr you work with understands this is not just in the mind. My experience working in physical health nursing should also asure you i have a good understanding of physical health issues. Nursing and Midwifery Counsel (NMC) accredited nurse and teacher.

I offer a range of psychological therapies and can select the most apporpriate approach to help you through the difficulties you face. If you have problems In  your life that are overwhelming you counselling may help you gain a clearer picture and get back on track,. If you are feeling low, fearful or stressed or have difficulty undestanding why you feel this way  cognitive behavioural therapy CBT  may be more helpful and draws on evidence based treatments that are proven to help people get back on track. .Cognitive behaviuoral therapy also helps people experiencing ongoing problems with their health cope with the challenges they face and adapt to changes. An integrated appraoch using compassionate processes, acceptance and commitment and cognitive rescripting also allows me to work with  you if you experience trauma in relation to recent or  early life experiences including abuse .

Do contact me if you think you need help with any of these issues and we can discuss an initial appointment which is 45 minutes in duration and will allow you to expain and explore your needs.

Who Uses Therapy

Therapy is for anyone who feels overwhelmed, trapped, uncertain or unable to manage their responses to challenges that they face in their life.  Pretty much all of us at some point in our lifes journey.

I work with people from every aspect of life giving appreciative attention to culture, age, gender and any other diversity that is important to you.

What matters most in therapy is that you are open to the possiblity of change and willing to share and experiment. We can explore the waters edge and the depths, whichever is necessary, and will do this at a pace that works for you.  My aim is to help you learn to still the waters independently.

it is important to get value for the money you spend I wanted to contact you to say that what you offered to me was worth every penny


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